Your options for quick straight teeth

As more people become focused and conscious about their smile it seems is becoming increasingly popular to look for options to have Straight teeth as fast as possible.

In this blog post our Stourbridge dentist takes a look at your orthodontic options for fast and rapid braces, with treatments often being only 16 weeks long.

To make things easy, we’ll start with the quickest way to have straight teeth, the Inman aligner.

Inman aligner

Typical treatment time approximately 16 weeks.

The Inman aligner is a removable orthodontic appliance with a revolutionary spring mechanism designed to push and pull on the same tooth at the same time. Pushing and pulling in able faster rotation of the tooth, meaning the Inman aligner can often straighten teeth in approximately 16 weeks.

You will need to wear your aligner at least 20 hours per day to see the fastest teeth straightening result, any less and treatment time will inevitably be increased.

You can remove your aligner for eating and cleaning but other than that, you should wear your orthodontic appliance all of the time.

Because the aligner is designed to move teeth rapidly it can typically only be used to move the front six teeth and is not standard practice to try to move back teeth. Back teeth have larger root systems And therefore cannot move as rapidly as front teeth.

Visit the official Inman aligner website.

Six month smiles

Typical treatment time approximately 6 months.

The six month smiles system is a fixed orthodontic system utilising tooth coloured brackets and wires. Six month smiles uses a different type) to conventional fixed braces with a triangular design meaning it can move the route and tooth crown at the same time.

Because this orthodontic system is fixed you will not be able to remove your braces. Six month smiles is capable of moving teeth great distances than the Inman aligner which is why treatments typically take longer than the Inman aligner removable appliance.

Visit the official six month smiles website.

Clear smile aligners

Typical treatment time approximately 18 months.

Clear smile aligners are a removable orthodontic system providing you with a series of clear plastic aligners. These clear plastic aligners move your teeth a small amount each time in the desired direction, approximately every two weeks you will swap your aligner for a new one which will put pressure on your teeth move them a little bit further. Repeating this process over and over means you can move teeth simply and easily.

One of the biggest advantages of clear smile aligners is the fact they are virtually imperceptible. The Inman aligner, whilst not particularly obtrusive can still be seen, six month smiles uses fixed brackets which can also be noticed when you look close… The clear smile aligners, even on close inspection are virtually invisible.

As with other removable orthodontic systems you should be wearing your clear smile aligners for at least 20 hours per day, only removing them to eat and clean your teeth and appliance.

Visit the official clear smile aligners website.

General teeth straightening questions.

Does straightening teeth fast hurt?

Teeth straightening can sometimes be uncomfortable when you first have your new appliance. Each time use swap and aligner with clear smile aligners or have your six-month smiles or Inman aligner adjusted you will notice the immediate pressure but it puts on your teeth. This pressure is required in order to move your teeth and can sometimes be uncomfortable.

Will fast teeth straightening make my teeth sensitive?

Because the teeth are being moved they can become more sensitive than normal. You may find that immediately after adjustment of your appliance that your teeth feel more sensitive than normal, this will normally settle down after approximately 3 days.

If I have my teeth straightened will they go back to what they were like before?

After any orthodontic treatment you will be provided with a retainer. This retainer will keep your teeth in their final position. You should typically wear a retainer for 12 hours per day after you have had orthodontic treatment. Standard retainers are made from a clear plastic, very much like the clear line aligners. This makes your retainers virtually invisible and comfortable to wear.

I would like straighter teeth, what should I do?

If you would like straighter teeth and live in the Stourbridge area we offer a consultation designed to help you discover which orthodontic treatment could be right you, please click here to book now.



Originally from Birmingham, Philip achieved his Bachelor of Dental Surgery, BDS with Merit from University of Wales Cardiff Dental School In 1997. Having worked in several practices, he has been dedicated to private practice since 2002. He offers private dental treatments to the people of Stourbridge, Hagley, Pedmore and the wider West Midlands area.

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